A Healing Source of Children’s Literature




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century, children’s literature, future, period, national teaching, children’s play, folk art, epoch, people clan, mythology, history.


The diverse activities by writer Olena Pchilka, her great contribution to the development of the children's literature, Ukrainian home education are disclosed in the article. She has played an important role as an organizer, publisher of the children's literature in Ukraine in the midst of a crucial period of the late XIX – early XX centuries. She was a whole literary institute in one's personality, an inexhaustible source, which generously healed and inspired. In circumstances where the national culture desperately needed education, Olena Pchilka has played a unique role by mobilizing all forces for the creative development of native words. For example, the author's own family has developed and applied those ideological and educational principles, which, in her opinion, it was necessary to put in the foundation education of Ukrainian youth. Olena Pchilka authored a large number of poems, short stories, dramas, translations for children. Children's problems and national patriotic education occupied a special place in the creative activity of the writer. She made many exclusively to bring into reality the national parenting. Despite a ban by the Russian Empire learning and education in Ukrainian, Olena Pchilka has created a good base for learning Ukrainian children in a spirit of national patriotism.



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